Anti-drone rifle "Argus-Antidron" ARPA-600

The electronic rifle is designed to counter unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) of various types by suppressing radio control channels, data transmission and navigation.
Suppression occurs by creating radio interference at frequencies used by most UAVs.
The use of weapons against a drone can lead to loss of control over the drone, "blinding" its operator, as well as activation of landing mode for commercial drones.

The main advantages of the Argus-Anti drone product are in comparison with similar electronic rifles available on the market:
  • suppression power and range;
  • easy to use by the operator due to the shape and balancing of the product;
  • long-term operation from a replaceable battery.

A stationary structure is possible to protect buildings and structures. Optionally equipped with an automatic detection of unmanned aerial vehicles.

The Argus-Antidron radio-electronic rifle is powered by replaceable rechargeable batteries, allows you to quickly (the time of alerting from a transport position is no more than 10 seconds) suppress most commercial and self-assembled unmanned aerial vehicles.
It is equipped with a powerful rechargeable battery, connected via a quick-release mechanism to an electronic rifle.
The battery is designed for an hour of operation of the muffler under positive conditions and up to 45 minutes at negative temperatures.
It is controlled by a single operator. It works silently.
It can be used against the fall of one or more unmanned aerial vehicles
in the sector of 25-30 degrees in the direction of the gun.

As a result of the use of a suppressor, depending on the inherent algorithm of behavior, the UAV can:
  • stop in place or start drifting in the direction of the wind before discharging the battery;
  • within a few seconds, begin to perform a gradual descent followed by landing on the ground;
  • make an uncontrolled fall to the ground.
The maximum efficiency of using an electronic rifle is achieved when the distance from the control panel to the drone is maximum, and from the drone to the pistol is minimal.

The control is carried out by a single operator.
After removing it from the package, it is necessary to charge the battery (battery) (the kit includes 2 battery packs in a carrying bag and a charger).
After charging, the battery cable is installed in a special socket of the electronic rifle and the toggle switch switches to the "ON" position, after which it is necessary to orient the gun in the direction of the detected drone.

Maximum efficiency is achieved at distances up to 1 km, while Argus-Antidron can be effectively used at distances up to 3 km, depending on the terrain, weather conditions, the presence of obstacles between the drone and the gun, as well as the distance of the drone operator from the UAV.

When holding the activated gun in the direction of the UAV, communication with the operator is severed. The drone loses orientation in terms of coordinates (radio navigation satellites) and control channels. The drone operator's video image disappears on the remote control. At the same time, commercial drones can make decisions about immediate landing.

In some cases, quadcopter-type UAVs can freeze in place and in this position are able to drift in the direction of the wind, waiting for the restoration of communication with the operator's console. In this case, it is recommended to keep them escorted for as long as possible until the drone's battery is fully discharged.

In some cases, drones try to return home, but due to downed radio navigation, they move in an arbitrary direction and fall after a while.

During the field tests, a number of non-commercial UAVs were identified, which, when exposed to ArgusAntidron-600 products, immediately lost their full orientation and fell.

The manufacturer of an electronic rifle cannot give a 100% guarantee of the suppression of all existing and promising UAVs, as drone manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to improve their products to fly in a complex electromagnetic environment. At the same time, a positive effect is observed on the vast majority of well-known commercial and special UAVs.

  1. Suppression in 5 main operating frequency ranges of UAVs – 0.9GHz, 1.5 GHz, 2.4GHz, 5.2 GHz and 5.8GHz;
  2. The effective UAV suppression distance is up to 1.5 km;
  3. Quick preparation for work and easy operation;
  4. Capacious frost-resistant rechargeable battery (battery) 9.6 Ah (2 pcs);
  5. Ergonomic design and optimal weight distribution for ease of use by the operator;
  6. Low weight;
  7. Tests were passed at the site of the Ministry of Defense, an act on the effectiveness of the Argus-Antidron device was obtained;
  8. Successful application in the area of ITS implementation;
  9. Robust and simple design for use in the most difficult conditions, including by an untrained operator.
  10. The presence of an LED indicating the operation of the gun
  11. Trigger protected from accidental activation (toggle switch)

Operating frequency ranges:
- Band I, MHz: 900;
- Band II, MHz;1500;
- Band III, MHz;2400.
- Band IV, MHz;5200;
- Range V, MHz;5800.

The rated radiation power supplied to the antennas:
- Range I, with: from 20;
- Range II, with: from 20;
- Range II, with: from 20;
- Range IV, with: from 20;
- Range V, with: from 20;

Ширина диаграммы направленности антенн:
- Range I, degree: 35;
- Range II, degree: 45;
- Range III, degree: 35;
- Range IV, degree: 35;
- Range V, degree: 35.

Total operating time from one battery, at least one hour;
The battery pack is in a carrying bag with a connection cable with a protected connector;
The package includes 2 10Ah batteries and a 2 A charger;
Overall dimensions, not more than, mm:970x320x100;
Product weight, kg: 5.2

As options, it can be equipped with an optical, thermal imaging or collimator sight, for which the rifle has sighting bars installed on both sides for ease of use with both hands at the operator's choice.

The Argus-Antidron product has the EAEU Declaration of Compliance with the requirements of TR CU 020/2011 Electromagnetic compatibility of technical means

Argus anti-drone rifle-Antidron;
the battery is in a carrying bag and a connecting power cable with a protected connector;
spare battery;
battery charger;
Operating instructions;
product passport and warranty card